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Sleak professional live heart rate display with follow up workout reports to get your clients sharing on social media turning members into marketers for free.

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Live Group Display

Live display to keep clients motivated & engaged during workouts.

Automated Read outs

Once a workout if finished each client will be automatically email a infographic read on their performance.

Sit back & watch your clients share theses on social media. Free marketing for your business with no effort required.

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What Other Fitness Professionals Say

"As a small gym owner, I was looking for an affordable solution to help me increase retention and profits. Zone Trainer has exceeded my expectations. Its customizable workout plans and detailed analytics have helped me provide better service to my clients and grow my business "

- David, owner of Grit Gym

"I was hesitant to invest in yet another software, but Zone Trainer has proven to be a game changer for my gym. Not only has it helped me increase retention rates, but it has also helped me increase profits by having my clients pay stay & refer more.."

- Michael, owner of Iron Will Gym

''Zone Trainer has helped me streamline my gym's operations and increase retention rates. With its easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics, I can now focus on providing excellent customer service and achieving better results for my clients.

- Karen, owner of PowerHouse Fitness

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